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Online Safety

Online Safety

At MEA Central, we believe that the use of IT is an essential part of education in the 21st Century. The internet and associated digital technologies are powerful tools and open up new opportunities for everybody. As a school we want to work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that children use this technology in a safe, responsible way.

Students are provided with the following when they start our school:

  • Online storage space to save documents and files
  • An e-mail account
  • Filtered access to the Internet (at school)
  • A Login to our Office 365 portal and access to Office 365 Apps

The school has an IT Team who monitor and control the central filtering systems which block inappropriate content. Email accounts are accessible to senior staff and may be monitored. 

Students receive a rich diet of E-Safety information and support through:

  • Assemblies
  • Cultural Capital Lessons 
  • Form Time Current Topic Sessions
  • E-Safety Lessons within IT/Computer Science lessons

If you wish to extend your understanding of E-Safety please visit the pages below or contact the Pastoral Team at school who will be able to help you.

Please click here for more advice from NSPCC about online safety