House System

 Our houses are named using Latin words related to community and working together. 

  • Simul (At the same time; together) 

  • Auxilium (Help) 

  • Civitas (Community of citizens) 






Eliot, Heaney, Morrison 

Armitage, Bronte, Duffy 

Naidu, Rumi, Sissay 


Our houses provide a focal point for school events, competitions, rewards and the school Sports Day. They create strong communities of students and staff, celebrating our diverse ages and cultures and uniting us in a sense of belonging, pride and identity.

  • The house system is overseen by the AVP for co-curriculum and a House Administrator. 
  • Each house has its own Head of House, house tutors and their own banners, chants and symbols.
  • Two house representatives from KS4 are elected in Autumn one and help the Head of House to drive participation through form visits and assemblies. 
  • House competitions make a key contribution to our values of citizenship and participation and are also key to supporting the development of cultural and social experiences.  

The main house competitions are always held on the last Tuesday of every half term.  Houses win points for their contributions and the house with the most points at the end of the year is presented with the house cup. The mini house competition is held on the Friday of the penultimate week. 

House competitions 

Main house competition 

Additional house competition 

Other whole school events to promote belonging 

Autumn 1 


House Spelling Bee 


Black History Month- Carnival 

Autumn 2 


House Football

Form food bank donations. 

SCC Day culture event 

Spring 1 


Oracy: Ignite Speeches Y9. 

House basketball 


Spring 2 


House Talent 

SCC Day - Nature and Adventure Day

Summer 1 


House Cricket 


Summer 2 


House 'University Challenge' 

Eid Celebration 

See a House Competition in action