Who to Contact

Pastoral Office  

Can help with: Student Progress, Personal Development, Behaviour, Attendance, Bullying, Concerns

There is a teaching Head of Year and a non teaching Pastoral Manager leading a team of Form Tutors. This team monitors your child's progress and personal development.

Year 7  (Phone: 0161 499 2736 and select option 2) 

  • Head of Year 7  – Mr S Bryan 
  • Pastoral Manager – Mx Umperiez  

Year 8  (Phone: 0161 499 2736 and select option 3) 

  • Head of Year 8 – Mr J Anatsu 
  • Pastoral Manager – Ms L Thompson

Year 9 (Phone: 0161 499 2736 and select Option 4) 

  • Co-Heads of Year 9 – Ms K Rathore and Mr J Roper
  • Pastoral Manager –

Year 10  (Phone: 0161 499 2736 and select Option 5) 

  • Head of Year 10 – Mr J Rooza
  • Pastoral Manager – Ms A Naseer 

Year 11  (Phone: 0161 499 2736 and select Option 6) 

  • Head of Year 11 – Mr C Mc Cullough 
  • Pastoral Manager –Ms H Ahmed 

Subject Specific Concerns

Curriculum Leaders/Subject Teachers should be contacted if there is a subject specific issue.

Our SEND and EAL Co-ordinator is - Ms J Holt 

Our Deputy SENDCos are Ms T Earle and Ms S Taylor

Our Skyline Administrator is Mrs Quinn

Our Transition Pastoral Manager is Ms R Taylor

To speak to Skyline please phone 0161 499 2736 and select option 7.

Safeguarding and Child Protection 

All staff have received the required training on child protection and safeguarding. The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) at MEA Central is Mr Grimes, who is supported by Ms Downs and Mr Pitts as Deputy DSLs.

Raising a Concern 

Concerns can be raised with the school at any time and will often generate an immediate response. The school asks that parents make their first contact via their Form Tutor. Parents are advised not to turn up to school to ask to speak to staff without an appointment to avoid disappointment. All staff have teaching commitments, appointments can be arranged during non-contact periods.