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Our Co-Curriculum

Our Co-Curriculum

At MEA Central, we believe our students learn as much, if not more, outside the classroom as they do inside it.

The Central Co-Curriculum happens everywhere: inside the building in the form of clubs and interventions; on the playing fields and in the sports hall; in galleries and museums; during assemblies in the school hall; in school council meetings; during social times and at the start and end of the school day.Our co-curriculum is designed to build resilience, improve self-discipline, and develop the skills required to work effectively as part of a team. Our form system also helps to ensure that our students have a consistent adult who helps them prepare them for the day ahead and provides opportunities for students to be reflective about themselves and their experiences with the aim of understanding how they might improve, helping to build self-efficacy and a sense of personal responsibility. However, for all its educational benefits, our aim is to ensure that the co-curriculum is a source of fun and enjoyment in an ever more pressured modern world.

'Musical theatre, embroidery club and Friday skateboarding are my favourite things about school. I haven't had a day off this year so I don't miss them. I am grateful for all the opportunities at my school.' - Year 7 Heaney student

We encourage students to follow their passions, and talent in any activity is celebrated, but living our value of participation is what is most important.We want our scholars to try things they may not feel comfortable doing, rather than sticking solely to well-known territory. It is our goal tstudents develop our values and character virtues encouraged by the example of their peers and their teachers, coaches and mentors.

Our Co-Curriculum offer ensures that every child gains valuable cultural and social capital, and that every child is exposed to, and experiences success in, areas such as sport, music, drama and community activities. 

'Personal Development is Outstanding


Staff provide a wealth of rich opportunities to develop pupils’ interests and talents, as well as supporting pupils to look after their mental health. Pupils are prepared well to do what is right in modern society.' - Ofsted 2022

Our ambition is that students look back on their years with us as a happy time when they experienced a range of activities that broadened their horizons and helped develop them into rounded and confident adults, ready to 'meet every citizen as an equal.'

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