SEND & Skyline Provision

Skyline is the name of our Inclusion and Special Educational Needs team at MEA Central. 

Key Contacts:
Ms J Holt Assistant Vice Principal: SEND & EAL Co-ordinator 
Ms T Earle Deputy SENDCo 
Ms S Taylor Deputy SENDCo 
Ms D Quin SEND Administrator
Ms K Edwards Vice Principal Quality of Education 

Our vision is for all students that have a Special Educational Need and/or Disability (SEND) and/or have English as an Additional Language (EAL) to feel happy, safe and secure at school.  They should be able to access a full, appropriate curriculum suited to their needs; participate in all aspects of school life and be challenged to have high expectations of themselves as learners.  

It is important to maintain a child-centred approach to SEND and EAL at MEA Central. 

This should stem from the core belief that all teachers are teachers of children with SEND and EAL and all leaders are leaders of children with SEN and EAL.  We should strive to view inclusion as a process and not a place.  We should strive to be flexible when it comes to understanding and meeting additional needs.  And most importantly of all, we should strive to create the right climate where all young people feel valued and can thrive. 

For further information about our SEND provision please download our SEND Information report

Please see the video below about the services available in your local area.