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    Welcome to MEA Central's home learning page. 

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    Here students will find everything they need to complete daily learning at home while they are not at school. 

    Students have received a pack which contains:

    - An information guide containing Project Central/Academic Reading 

    - Exercise book

    - Sketch book

    - Novel

    - Reading guide

    Year 7 have also received an Ark Mastery Writing booklet and a short story booklet

    Art Packs for Home Learning - Please read

    We will be providing every child with an amazing art pack so that they can continue their art education at home during school closure. 

    Packs are available to be collected from school. The packs will be outside and a member of staff will be there to record your name. Everyone will be expected to practice social distancing.

    The school is open from 10am - 2pm every day.


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    Daily timetable 04.06.20

    Thursday 4th June 2020 

    Week A 

    Year 7 MEA Central School Closure Timetable 



    Summary of work 

    9.00 - 9.30am 


    Complete 30m reading your book 

    9.30 - 10am 

    PE Practical 

    Title – Fitness Testing                                              

    In this unit we are going to be testing these components of fitness, identifying our weaknesses and creating a training programme to try and improve them. 

    10am - 11am 


    Today you will continue with our engineering project. You will learn how engineers are working to create solutions to the problem in Kibera. You will consider methods of collecting the water?  Tweet examples of your work to @MissDavies_MEAC 




    11.15am  – 12.15pm 

    Maths Live 

    7O classes have a live lesson with Miss Willis and Mrs Shabir and 7S classes have a live lesson with Mr Clarke and Mrs Zaheer. Make sure you clink the link 5 minutes before you lesson is due to start and have all your equipment ready to start. 

    Lunch break 



    1.00pm – 2.00pm 

    Science Live 

    Live lesson: Living on Mars 

    Follow the link sent out by your teacher which you can find in your Calendar in your emails. Make sure you have your exercise book and a pen! Please enter the lesson on time.  

    If you miss the live lesson, the PowerPoint can be found in your teachers' folder. Complete the work in there. 

    2.00 – 3.00 


    Read this week’s article and answer the question which relates to it. Tweet your thoughts to @MEACCasey. 


    Year 8 MEA Central School Closure Timetable 



    Summary of work 

    9am – 9.30am 


    Complete 30m of reading  

    9.30am - 10am 

    PE Fitness and Nutrition 

    Lesson 1 – Follow the link to BBC Bitesize, watch the video and read the section on components of fitness. Make notes in your purple book as this will support you with the rest of the unit. You could create a table to help you answer the questions 

    10am – 11am 


    You are continuing with your Romeo and Juliet unit. Please access your teacher folder to find your lesson. 




    11.15 – 12.15 


    8O classes are live 

    Skyline Live 

    Spanish: Follow the exercises to review the language covered in this unit so far. This will help you to prepare for a research project that you will be completing next lesson. 
    This lesson will be live with Miss Arenas at 11:15 for O band classes.  
    Check teams for the link. 

    Skyline – Live lesson – Join our lesson using the link in the folders 

    Lunch break 



    1.00 – 2.00 


    North America and the British Empire writing  

    Read through pages 6 and 7 (French Revolution PDF. Use the controls at the bottom to scroll to the correct page.) Use the audio by Ms Gleeson (mp3) to help you. Follow the PowerPoint very carefully and complete all tasks. If you don’t understand a task read it again carefully and do what you think it asks you to do. 

    2.00 – 3.00 

    Non-Fiction Hour 

    Read this week’s article and answer the question which relates to it. Tweet your thoughts to @MEACCasey. 


    Year 9 MEA Central School Closure Timetable 



    Summary of work 

    9am – 10am 


    Today you will be continuing with your lessons on Ecology! Go to your teacher's folder and start the lesson. Complete all work in your purple exercise book. If you have missed work previously you can find it in the ‘Previous lessons’ folder.  

    10am – 11am 



    Today you will start watching The National Theatre production of Othello and respond to questions with regards to the performance.  




    11.15am – 12.15pm 



    Lunch break 



    1.00pm – 2.00pm 

    Technology Live 

    901 will have a live lesson with Miss Davies. Make sure you click the link 5 Mins before the lesson. You will need your sketchbooks and pencil crayons or paints. Year 9 will be learning about Graphics and then redesigning logos.  Tweet examples of your work  to @MissDavies_MEAC 

    2.00 – 3.00 

    Non-Fiction Hour 

    Read this week’s article and answer the question which relates to it. Tweet your thoughts to @MEACCasey. 



    Home Learning Information Packs

    Happy Holidays! The MEAC Social and Cultural Capital Activity Handbook

    This Easter break is the perfect time to develop your social and cultural capital.

    We have put together a handbook with lots of projects and activities which will help you to learn more about the world around you, complementing our SCC curriculum. 

    Turn to your favourite subject and get started! Don't worry if you don't get lots done over the holidays - there will be a special 'Project Hour' on your online timetable in the summer term to provide time for you to work through the handbook and broaden your horizons. 


    Live Lessons & Accessing Microsoft Teams

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