Vision, Ethos & Values

Our vision is 'A fantastic future for all.'
We will do whatever it takes to ensure every student at MEA Central achieves their full potential. 
We have extremely high expectations of our students, but we also believe it is the responsibility of our staff to work tirelessly to remove the barriers they will face throughout their time with us. 
Our core values underpin all that we do. They are:


Work hard. We are driven to exceed expectation and accomplish great things through eminent knowledge, special effort and great courage. We take deep satisfaction in doing things that are difficult. 



Be kind. We strive to live meaningful lives through connection to something greater than ourselves. We value our shared identity and contribute to our communities and wider society as informed, critical and responsible citizens.



Take part. We take advantage of every opportunity that is offered to us, and we give everything 100%. We know that while we have a right to be heard, we are also obligated to listen and help others raise their voice.
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