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Welcome to MEA Central 

We opened to 210 Y7 students in September 2017 and will grow year on year until we are full in 2022. We are defined by our mission, ‘A fantastic future for all.' We care about helping students to be their best and know the only way to do this is through academic achievement, character development and strong pastoral support.

The bedrock of our vision is excellent academic results and we deliver a challenging, knowledge-rich curriculum to prepare students not only for the new GCSE assessment regime but also further education and life beyond.  We expect our students to meet our high expectations in terms of commitment and work ethic, but we also seek to ignite their intellectual passions and curiosities so that they become autonomous, fulfilled learners during their time with us.

There is so much more to MEA Central than what happens inside our classrooms, however! As a new and growing school, students benefit from a level of pastoral care and attention second to none.  Our co-curriculum of Creativity, Activity and Service, which includes our extensive extra-curricular programme, ensures every child gains valuable cultural capital and experiences success in areas such as sport, music, drama and community activities.  

Ultimately at MEA Central we want to create good people who will go out into the world and do what is right. Our values of Citizenship, Achievement and Participation and our belief in the power of language and the importance of the spoken word will develop confident young adults with a strong sense of social responsibility.

I hope you find everything you need on our website, but welcome you to get in touch if there is anything more you would like to know about us. I look forward to seeing you here soon. 





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  • @MEACentral - October 30

    We believe that 'structure liberates'. We are calm around school so that everyone can enjoy learning in a safe and happy environment, as this (Pre-COVID) clip shows! If you would like to find out more about our school, visit our Virtual Open Day platform on our website.

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    @MEACentral - October 30

    The 5th Pan-African Congress held in Manchester in 1945. The organisation was a peace maker for decolonization in Africa and the West Indies, demanded the end of colonial rule and racial discrimination, stood against imperialism and demanded human rights and equality. BHM day 30.

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    @MEACentral - October 26
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    @MEACentral - October 26

    Challenging Conversations About Race with . Practical advice about working towards building a truly anti-racist organisation.

  • @MEACentral - October 23

    It’s been a half term to remember. We couldn’t be prouder of our whole community. 💪💪

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