Year 6 Summer Reading Challenge

‘Of the subjects taught in school, reading is first among equals - the most singular in importance because all others rely on it.’ Doug Lemov, Reading Reconsidered


We are really looking forward to welcoming our new Year 7 students to MEA Central this September. Part of their preparation is to have a wonderful summer break that is both stimulating and relaxing. 

Reading should play a key part in every child's development including during the holidays. We are lucky that Manchester City Council recognises this and has given every Year 6 student a book to read over the summer.

'The Lion above the Door' is a fabulous book by a famous writer: Onjali Q. Raúf is known for her popular, dramatic  and award-winning novels like 'The Boy at the Back of the Class' and 'The Star Outside My Window'.

We are encouraging every student joining Year 7 to read this book, and there are several competitions and initiatives in place to recognise your efforts to achieve this.

Firstly, any student who writes a book review of 'The Lion above the Door' will receive a CAP award on their student record. There are also competitions being held for the best book reviews, both within the school community and across the city, and we are inviting all students to enter.

To help you with your book review, here are some writing tips from the Book Trust.

For the second challenge, Onjali Q. Raúf has set a creative writing task for anyone willing to try. All you have to do is use her storystarter line to begin your piece: As I stared down at the torn out pages, I began to ask myself why.

For both the above competitions, please send your entries both to school and the library service, using these addresses: and

And if that's not enough, please email for more activities to complete or for a printable book review template.

You can also head over to Manchester Libraries, where you can borrow books for free, or go online to borrow e-books, audiobooks and comics.

Have a fantastic summer and enjoy the book!

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