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MEA Central Well Being Week

Posted on: 16/02/2018

The week beginning 12th February 2018 saw students at MEA Central participate in our very first wellbeing week.

The week saw students take part in a wide range of activities in order to equip students with skills needed to manage their own wellbeing. This links in with the national agenda in promoting healthier lifestyles for children and teenagers, particularly around mental health.

The week was a real success. Students spent Form time in the morning completing mindfulness exercises. This was a great way to start the day. One student said, “It was great to learn how to relax and remove thoughts out of your mind for a second”.

Wednesday was renamed, Wellbeing Wednesday. Students completed a digital detox by not using their mobile phones at school and took part in a yoga class. Students commented, “It was good that we didn’t use our phones, it made us less anxious and we went outside and played”.

Throughout the week we have also been highlighting our excellent local green spaces and all classes took part in a simple walk around Birchfields Park in order to get some fresh air and clear our minds.

The week culminated in completely switching off for some lucky students who had gained 100% attendance over the term as they watched our very own talent show, ‘Central’s Got Talent’. This inter-form competition showcased a variety of acts from comedy, saxophone, singing, piano, magic and beatboxing! A great week enjoyed by all. Namaste!Well Being Week 1Well Being Week 2Well Being Week 3Well Being Week 4

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