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Altius Trust Aspire Day

Posted on: 30/01/2018

On Friday 26th January the Altius Trust came to life at MEA Central as we hosted our very first Altius Trust Aspire Day. The day was attended by Year 7 students from our sister school MEA. Together MEA and MEA Central form the Altius Trust, a multi-academy trust, united by the vision of delivering ‘A Fantastic Future For All’.

As a multi-academy trust we aim to embrace all of the advantages that can be brought about by two forward thinking schools working in close collaboration towards our shared vision. As the Altius Trust we all deliver the ‘Know It’ curriculum, strong Pastoral care and SMSC and share best teaching practice to enhance learning.

The Aspire Day however was the first time that our two communities met and learnt together. It was a humbling and historic day. The aim was to help raise the aspirations of students and develop the team work and communication skills needed to succeed in their studies. This is especially important as we head towards our next round of Big Tests at both schools.

We couldn’t have been prouder as teachers, support staff and students of both schools met for the very first time! During the day students listened to our guest speaker from The Fixup Team, Luke Askew, as he relayed positive affirmations through interesting and thought provoking life stories. These helped students understand that if they want to be successful they need to believe in themselves and practice. One student wrote to Luke after the assembly and told him “You have changed my life. I used to think less of myself and always put myself down but you have changed that. You have made me feel like I am worth something and I can achieve great things in my life”.

In the second part of the day students took part in ‘The Great Altius Egg Drop’, a challenge to work in team consisting of both MEA & MEA Central students to design, construct and test a structure that will protect an egg from breaking when dropped at height.

There were many varieties of structures and many different names given to the eggs, including Egbert and even an Egg Sheeran who made an appearance! Mr Caslake led the activity and announced at the end of the day that the Inter-Form points for the best teamwork, design and structure was to be awarded to 7Rumi.

Head of School, Mrs Reynard said, “It was wonderful to welcome MEA Year 7 students to MEA Central. It was a visual re-enforcement of the mission of the trust and the students all demonstrated our values by being kind to each other, taking part and working hard to achieve their goals. We are looking forward to going to MEA for similar day soon.”

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