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Project Central

Posted on: 12/01/2018

Project Central is an opportunity for our pupils to display their learning and express their creativity with a subject specific task. A Project Central challenge is given to the pupils during each half term holiday. This time, the focus was on Science and Computer Science. 
For their Christmas break Project Central, pupils were asked to design and develop a model of their ‘Home of the Future’, which was environmentally friendly and futuristic. The home would need to run on renewable energy and pupils would decide and describe which one they chose and why, as well as what aspects of their home contained futuristic elements! Pupils were given a creative license to design their homes and they did not disappoint!
The response from the students has been overwhelming! From robot butlers with Artificial Intelligence, to whirlpool swimming pools, our ‘Homes of the Future’ had it all! They were beautifully designed, bright, and creative. In addition, all of them used renewable energy such as wind turbines, biofuel, solar panels and even tidal energy! Many pupils chose to build their homes in exotic locations to complement their chosen renewable energy. And of course, scientific explanations were included! 
We are brimming with pride for our future scientists/ engineers/ artists/ interior designers/ architects and innovators! Cannot wait to see what they produce during the next Project Central!

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