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September Re-opening: Return Dates

Posted on: 16/08/2020

What date do students return? 

It is important that we take a slow, staggered structured approach to returning to school after such a long period of closure, and with so many operational changes in place. The start dates and times for year groups are therefore as follows: 

  • Year 7: Friday 4th September at 8.35am 

  • Year 8: Tuesday 8th September at 11.30am 

  • Year 9 Wednesday 9th September at 11.30am 

  • Year 10: Monday 7th September at 11.30am 

Please note that the start time is later for each year group is 11.30 only on their first day back to allow us to reintegrate them while other students are in lessons.  They will be expected to attend at the normal time of 8.35am every day after this.  

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