Transition Zone


Transition Zone


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Dear Year 6 student,

Welcome to our Transition Zone! This area is designed to support your transition to MEA Central in 2021. 

It will be updated throughout each week by your Assistant Head of Year, Miss Bonney, your Pastoral Manager, Miss Taylor and the Director of Year 7, Miss Hunter. 

I am very excited to welcome you to MEA Central and in September we will have a whole day with just Year 7 in school so that you can learn all about our values of Citizenship (Be kind), Achievement (Work hard) and Participation (Take part).

In the meantime, please check this page every day and #Takepart in all the transition activities that the Year 7 provide.

Best Wishes
Mrs. Reynard

Dear 'Class of 2026',

Welcome to MEA Central and the start of creating your 'fantastic future.'

We are so excited to welcome you into our school community and share in your secondary education. 

This part of the school wesbite has been developed to help you learn and prepare for life at our wonderful school, MEA Central. I can imagine you will have many questions which we hope will be answered on this page or in the handbook. You might like to find out about your new school uniform or meet some of your new teachers! If you find that you are missing any answers, then please email and we will be sure to update this page.

The 'Transition Zone' is desgined to be interactive as well as informative, so keep checking for our weekly 'Transition Tasks', video updates, events within our virtual school library, and much more!

Over the coming weeks, myself and the Year 7 Pastoral Team will be visiting you at your primary schools to say 'hello' and welcome you to Central. 

We are very excited to meet you and get to know each of you.

Until then, keep your eyes peeled for updates on this page and on our school Twitter account!

Miss. Hunter

AVP and Director of Year 7




Transition Activities

Transition Challenge

'Class of 2026'

Welcome to this section of the wesbite where you can become directly involved and earn points for the completion of our weekly 'Transition Challenge'.

Each week will see us with a new transition challenge to get you ready to start at MEA Central. 

Each challenge is based on one of our three school values: Citizenship, Achievement and Participation.

There will be six tasks set, with the first one beginning the week of 14th June, 2021. We are really excited to see you get involved, so please don't forget to upload your challenge outcomes onto Twitter and tag us @MEACentral and @meactransition.

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