Fantastic Futures

While we place high value on academic achievement, we know that this alone will not guarantee a “fantastic future” for our students.

At MEA we provide our students with an exciting programme of study that develops their character. We call this our Fantastic Futures Curriculum. We believe that the virtues that make up a good character can be taught and learnt. Our FF curriculum will therefore:

  • Contribute to students living healthier and safer lives
  • Help them to reflect on their own identity and make informed choices about their role, reflecting British values in a diverse society
  • Develop their financial capability
  • Fully prepare them for progression into employment or the next stage of their education
  • Challenge and stimulate them
  • Develop curiosity, resilience, responsibility and respect
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills
  • Provide opportunities for students to connect with positive role models from the world of work and engage with local business to prepare for the future in a digital world

Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural (SMSC) Curriculum

We are committed to offering a rich SMSC curriculum, embedded across the Academy, celebrating diversity and promoting tolerance and mutual respect.

In order to provide our students with additional educational opportunities outside of the classroom, we carry out surveys with all students to establish which opportunities they have experienced. The outcomes from these surveys form our Pastoral Pledges, a planned programme offering a broad range of visits, trips and experiences, exposing our students to the rich opportunities surrounding them in the culturally diverse city of Manchester and beyond.

The students are extremely appreciative of their SMSC opportunities, many of which prepare them well for their future life in modern Britain.

Ofsted 2015

We work hard to develop our students as leaders across the Academy, to promote tolerance and mutual respect as well as confidence and self-esteem.

  • Diversity Ambassadors
  • Literacy Leaders
  • Reading Buddies
  • Student Council Members
  • Sports Ambassadors
  • Transition Ambassadors.

We give students opportunities to shape their experiences at the Academy and beyond it, instilling in them a sense of pride and achievement in all we do.

Student commitment to our ethos is celebrated within a range of rewards across the curriculum and pastorally, resulting in a pride and desire to be an outstanding MEA citizen.

Transition and Pastoral Care

Our transition team starts their work long before students join us. We organise several visits to the Academy for students who are in Year 5 and 6, and give them an inspirational experience with our superb staff, showcasing the great work they will do when they join us in Year 7.

We never underestimate that for some students, the step up to high school can be an anxious time. We work closely with our partner primaries to ensure we have a clear understanding of individual student needs and are prepared to support them from the day they arrive.

We have clear Behaviour for Learning and Anti-Bullying policies, which underpin our ethos of valuing and supporting every learner. Students can trust staff to take rapid and appropriate action to address any needs/concerns they might have.

We invest heavily in providing strong pastoral care and guidance for all students. Each year group has a Pastoral Strategy Leader who monitors student progress, delivers the SMSC curriculum and is a high profile advocate for their year group.

There is also a full-time non-teaching Pastoral Manager for each year group, who gets to know students during transition; then leads daily on attendance, punctuality and student welfare to ensure all students are happy and safe, and thrive in our Academy.

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