Character Education and Cultural Capital

Our school is in an urban area with some high levels of deprivation and many of our students do not experience the gamut of more rounded, cultural and developmental opportunities available to their more affluent peers elsewhere. 

Being based in areas with some of the issues associated with poverty, we believe that we have to do all we can to bridge this gap as most of our families are unable to do so themselves.  This manifests itself through our Pledge Programme, where we provide students with cultural capital through an array of cultural, religious, geographical, aspirational and activity based opportunities that they would not otherwise encounter. 

The purpose of all this is to provide a fantastic future for all – we know that good exam results alone are not enough to secure a positive future.  We also have to equip students with the necessary communication, social, networking and emotional intelligence skills to thrive in the future.

At MEA Central, we provide our students with explicit character education through our Fantastic Futures Curriculum. We believe that the virtues that make up a good character can be taught and learnt. Our FF curriculum will therefore:

  • Explore our values of Citizenship, Achievement and Participation
  • Contribute to students living healthier and safer lives
  • Provide opportunities to reflect on identity
  • Develop financial capability
  • Prepare for progression into employment or the next stage of education
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills
  • Provide opportunities to connect with positive role models from industry 

Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural (SMSC) Curriculum

Our SMSC curriculum celebrates and promotes diversity, promoting tolerance and mutual respect. It is embedded across the school and delivered through assemblies, form time, the Fantastic Futures curriculum, trips, visits, projects and events. 

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