Extra Curricular Summer Update 1

    Extra Curricular Summer Update 2





    A Novel Bunch

    An exciting chance to get to grips with the latest and greatest fiction out there. It will involve reading for pleasure and voicing your opinions on the times of tension, the craziest of characters and the wildest experiences that our budding book lovers can handle!

     Earth globeGEOGRAPHY


    Our Fantastic World

    Get to know all about our amazing planet; build 3D models of volcanoes & valleys, discover what's happening globally and locally with Geography in the News, help the environment with eco-activities, take part in world quizzes and much more.

     Antique building


    History in Film

    Some of the most important events in history have been immortalised in some of the greatest films in history! How accurate are these films? Are the stories they tell true to life? Have bits been changed or missed out? History in films will give film and history lovers the opportunity to assess the reliability of films as historical sources. You will compare films based on historical events to the actual events and see just how factual these films really are.

     Drama masks

    Drama club will offer everyone the opportunity to extend their knowledge outside of the classroom. We will look at a variety of scripts, develop some creative and varied characters and learn new skills that encourage teamwork. Come and join us as we creatively explore the world around us!

     Lab microscope



    This club provides a thrilling opportunity for budding young scientists to explore the ever-developing world of STEM.  This club gives pupils a chance to be inspired by different aspects of science and cultivate their knowledge and practical skills, stimulate their minds and support them into developing into the scientists of tomorrow!

      Swimming silhouette


    Football Squad - Boys

    Badminton - Mixed

    Basketball - Mixed

    Netball - Girls

    Rugby - Boys

    MAN UTD Foundation - Street Panna

    This is a different format of football focused on street football through a range of different games. It allows students to express themselves when playing football and I will be looking to play music over the top to assist to create the environment, which hopefully enables the students to dance with the ball to the rhythm of the music becoming more fluent in the movements they make. 

     Calculator keys



    Are you the next Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace or Florence Nightingale? At Sigma Club we’ll be learning how to crack codes and discovering the underlying beauty of numbers. Maths changes the world. Will you?

     Paintbrush and palette


    Disrupt Art

    Theis club introduces students to unusual types of art, and gets them to challenge whether or nor they are valid art or not. The club will halp them develop their oracy and art skills. Students will question, challenge, make and form balanced arguments. As part of the sessions we will look at street art/ graffiti, ready made art (where artists place objects they have found, rather than produced, into a gallery) photography and printed/ reproduced art.

      Test quizOTHERS



    Monday to Thursday Homework Club will run in the Reading Room. Students will have a quiet place to complete homework or read. Support from teachers and support staff will be available and all students are welcome to attend Homework Club every day.

    Central FM

    Leran how to create podcasts and create a weekly radio show to be played around school or online, covering the latest songs, staff interviews, show biz news, current affairs and cultural snippets of the diverse community at MEA Central. Budding presenters, journalists and youtubers of the future should sign up to this club.

    Debate Mate

    Debate Mate is a national programme delivered by students from the best universities in the country. Over the course of 16 weeks you will improve speaking, listening and critical thinking skills, take part in formal debates and compete in local competitions as part of the Urban Debate League. The programme culminates in a one-day regional competition at a prestigious university – The Debate Mate Cup. Come along, challenge yourself and become a more accomplished presenter through Debate Mate

     Vocal Group

    Auditions for vocal group will happen again after Christmas.

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